July 13, 2011

The big debate: organic versus pure argan oil

Argan oil is produced by an endemic tree in Morocco. It is becoming increasingly popular in the cosmetic industry because it is reported to have such amazing anti-aging and moisturizing properties. However, there are concerns about the production of argan oil because plantations are located only in select areas, and even these areas are quite small. As such, fears of completely wiping out argan trees from this world have become increasingly common. UNESCO understood that argan oil has made such an impact in the lives of people in Morocco, most especially the women, and so have declared argan trees to be endangered, prompting conservation efforts to start. In order to continue handling the demand for argan oil without bringing further harm to plantations, reforestation projects are put in place. Women’s cooperatives, institutions mainly in charge of harvesting argan oil, are working together with UNESCO to facilitate all efforts at taking care of argan trees, ultimately ensuring that the supply of argan oil will not diminish.

Organic argan oil versus pure argan oil (virgin deodorsied argan oil)

If you’re one of many people interested in the effects of argan oil, chances are you would have encountered labels that say “pure and organic argan oil”. It’s true that something pure and organic can only be good for you, but there is a difference between pure and organic argan oil. Pure argan oil essentially means you are getting 100% argan oil, which means the product has no additives and extenders. It is, as it name stresses, the pure form of argan oil. Pure argan oil has no water. Pure argan oil is not combined either with other kinds of oils in order to improve effects. Pure argan oil is simply pure. Organic argan oil, on the other hand, is a different case because it can be mixed in with other things for as long as the argan oil itself was derived from argan trees that did not use fertilizers. Much like organic fruits and vegetables, argan trees that produce organic argan oil just grew naturally where it stands. It didn’t get any help. It didn’t get a boost of vitamins to help it along. It’s just argan oil, just like how it should be according to nature.

Which one to choose?

Whether you choose organic or pure argan oil, you will still enjoy the highly cosmetic properties of the oil. If you must choose though, it would be better to go for pure argan oil instead of the organic kind as this will ensure that you really enjoy argan oil, and not just a mix with argan oil. The more concentrated the argan oil you have, the more you can enjoy the benefits of the various components that argan oil has. However, because you will be getting argan oil in its purest form, you can also expect to pay a higher price because it would take more kernels from the argan fruit to produce what you need, compared to how much it would take to create a more diluted version.

July 26, 2010

Silentnight mattress the Miracoil Advantage

If you are looking for well branded mattressses that have captured the bedroom furnishing market with its superb technology then you need to consider the Silentnight mattresses. These are the best mattresses that you can find and with a mattress being sold every few seconds, you know that you are investing in the best.


You can choose from their super successful Miracoil and memory foam that come as single, double, king and even super king size.
They have been making mattresses with some of the best technologies in sleep mattresses and are said to have successfully given their customers the best sleep of their lifetime. These mattresses are at a very affordable price, and everyone can afford one for their homes.
You can choose from a range of mattresses, where each one is an individual sporting firmness levels, materials uses, support and comfort. It is evident from the top class mattresses that quality is their main concern which is another reason why these mattresses are a hit.
They also have mattresses in the kids range and their brand is identified by the hippo and duck. These mattresses are made of vertical rows of springs rather than the tradition horizontal rows. You can choose from the single beds, double bed, king sized bed and superking size mattresses. They were the pioneers when it came to using materials like latex foam, and the memory foam. One of their best sellers is that hand tufted cover that has the best miracoil system and is known as the Ortho Sleep.
Let’s look at some of their miracoil support technology used in their mattresses.
Miracoil 3 – This is one of their most popular ranges in the miracoil mattress. You will love the zoned support that your back, hips and legs get. This mattress has been specially made to give the best support and the added edge for every individual sleep area so that you sleep undisturbed.
Miracoil 7 – If you are looking for a mattress that is intelligent and made to give you the best sleep then this should be your best buy. Along with the entire benefits listed in Miracoil 3 you will experience a sensitive support that will give you the much needed support in areas that you need it the most. You will experience amazing cushioning around the shoulder, neck, hip and back area. You will receive the ultimate support with the Miracoil 7 and this is a guarantee that the brand offers you.


Another great thing about this mattress is that it maintains a heat level, and does not allow overheating of your body, thereby keeping your body temperature intact. This is indeed truly a revolutionary technology and Silentnight mattresses who are pioneers in this range are doing the best they can to give you quality sleep.
Silentnight mattresses are an excellent mattress and you also get a warranty along with the mattress you buy. This is another example that every mattress is made with the best craftsmanship and you can be assured of its quality.

March 3, 2010

Choosing Single Bed Frames and Bedsteads

Single beds remain to be the best choice for children or those who don’t share a bed with someone. While there are fixed beds that you can already buy as a whole, there are some people who opt for assembling their own by buying single bed frames and single bedsteads so they can choose the size and design that is just right for them.

Julian Bowen has great designs for those who are looking for single bed frames. All of their designs have classic lines that suit just about any room theme well, so you don’t need to look far to find one that will complement your bedroom’s decor. The single bed frames of Julian Bowen are made of the highest quality wood, such as pine and heava, and then sealed with lacquer to protect the material. No one can deny that there is unparalleled beauty in wooden furniture, and the Julian Bowen’s beds are no exception to this, providing both an aesthetic appeal as well as sturdiness. The material is then given a finish to make it look both classic and modern at the same time. Most of their beds also have hidden fittings, so that there is no eyesore (or health hazard) when you go to bed.

However, just because the Julian Bowen single bed frames maintain classic lines doesn’t mean they’re boring. They also have cute, fun designs that will suit both the young and the young at heart. For example, they have the Soccer Bed single metal bed frame which has small soccer balls decorating it, giving it a fun, funky appearance.  

The great thing about the Julian Bowen beds is that while these look like luxury bedsteads, these actually come at half the price. That’s right: you get good, sturdy wooden bed frames at practically half the cost.